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Need a Visa to NEW ZEALAND?

Migration to a new country can be exciting and daunting. When you work with Ozreach Migration Consultants, you can be sure of receiving professional service and guidance that helps you take informed decisions about your plans to migrate to Abroad.

We give our 100% to every client and make sure they always receive advice based on knowledge and experience.

Living in NZ

What is the lifestyle like in New Zealand?

Life in New Zealand is safe and secure, and we enjoy one of the most well-balanced lifestyles in the world.

In fact, when the Economist Intelligence Unit measured which countries provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life, New Zealand was in its top ten best places to be born in 2013.

New Zealanders are friendly and typically welcoming to newcomers. We’re great international travellers ourselves, and nearly a quarter of us were born outside New Zealand. Around 10% of New Zealanders are of Asian ethnic origin.

That all adds up to a warm welcome. In fact, nine out of ten migrants find that the welcome they receive when they first arrive meets or exceeds their expectations, according to a recent Immigration New Zealand survey.

International students enjoy the added support and protection provided by our Code of Practice for the care of students. The Code, the world’s first, sets standards for how educational institutions must support international students in and out of the classroom.

Every educational institution must sign up to the Code of Practice before they can accept international students. As part of that, they must have staff on hand who are experienced in helping international students solve any problems and settle into their new home. The Code also ensures that the financial investment in their education is protected.You’ll have plenty of living options. From apartments in the city to homestays in the countryside, you’ll find something that suits you and your study needs.

Safe and secure We’re rated in international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful countries. We’re also rated the least corrupt. New Zealand is the world’s third safest place, according to the 2013 Global Peace Index. People in New Zealand feel safe to come and go and enjoy everything our country has to offer.

You will be able to move freely and without fear, so you can enjoy all New Zealand has to offer. We don’t even have any seriously dangerous wildlife for you to worry about.

Balanced lifestyle

Good living in New Zealand is about balancing an honest day’s study or work with social fun. New Zealanders spend time with friends or family and take advantage of all the recreational opportunities available here.

The pace of life here is less stressed. And there are all sorts of opportunities to get outdoors and be as physical as you want - from lazing on an uncrowded beach to getting close to nature in the bush or hooping it down a mountain bike track.

You can experience the outdoors no matter where you choose to live.

There’s a lively arts scene with a lot going on in music, theatre, film and comedy. And you get a good amount of public holidays so there’s plenty of time to enjoy all the great things New Zealand has to offer.

How much does it cost to study in New Zealand?

Secondary school fees vary by school but generally cost around NZ$13,000 a year. Undergraduate study can cost between NZ$18,000–$25,000 a year, depending on what course and institution you choose.

Postgraduate courses can cost up to $40,000. International doctoral students pay the same fees as domestic students, making us one of the best value destinations for doctoral studies in the world.

On top of the course costs you’ll need to consider the costs of health insurance, travel, and accommodation and living expenses. You’ll have plenty of living options. From apartments in the city to homestays in the countryside, you’ll find something that suits you and your study needs.

How much does it cost to live in New Zealand?

Comparing living costs is hard. It depends on which country you come from, and what part. It also depends on which part of New Zealand you’re coming to. As is probably the case in your country, big cities are more expensive places to live in than the smaller centres.

But overall, the costs of living here are comparable to other western-style OECD countries. Some things will cost less, others (particularly items that have had to be imported from long distances) will cost more.

New Zealand has its own currency, dollars and cents. Here’s what some common items cost in $NZ:

Big Mac NZ$5.20
Milk (2 litres) NZ$3.99
Pair of jeans NZ$60–200
Movie ticket NZ$12-20
Cup of coffee (flat white) NZ$4.00
42” LED-LCD flat screen TV NZ$700–1500

The national median rent for a three bedroom house in March 2013 was NZ$360 per week. Student flats start for less than that, generally from NZ$100 a room per week.

Am I entitled to public health services in New Zealand?

To study in New Zealand, you must have medical and travel insurance that meets the standards of our Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The insurance must cover you for the duration of your New Zealand Student Visa.

Your insurance will need to cover all aspects of purely medical conditions including doctors, hospitals, ambulance and specialist treatments.

Fortunately, New Zealand is generally a very safe place to travel with few endemic diseases (e.g. no malaria) and good public services like water and sanitation. Tertiary students can see a doctor at the student health centre on their institution’s campus, for a very reasonable fee.

What student discounts are available in New Zealand?

When you get your New Zealand student ID card, you’ll benefit from many student discounts available in the area you choose to live. There’s more information at

ISIC cards (International Student Identity Cards) are available for NZ$25. They give you discounts on getting around New Zealand, accommodation and activities and more. Find out more at

What type of accommodation is available in New Zealand?

You’ll have plenty of living options. From apartments in the city to homestays in the countryside, you’ll find something that suits you and your study needs.

A homestay (or private board)
With a homestay you live with a New Zealand family in their home, usually in a fully furnished room of your own. They’ll provide you with meals and help you to settle in to day-to-day life in New Zealand.

A homestay is a great way to get to know some friendly New Zealanders, develop your English skills and get a close-up look at New Zealand’s way of life and culture.

Halls of residence (or hostel)
This is a good choice if you’d like to meet new people and live in a secure, safe place.

Usually just a walk away from campus, halls of residence offer fully furnished single or twin-share rooms with a shared dining hall, lounge and laundry. Meals are often included and you’ll probably find a lively program of sport and other fun activities on offer.

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