Training Visa Subclass 407

The 407 visa is a temporary visa for people who want to participate in occupational training or professional development training in Australia. This is a nomination-type training visa; the sponsor provides information about you (the trainee), the type of training, and the location of the training. The professional development programmes are designed for overseas employers who want to send their professional or managerial staff for training.

Eligibility Requirements for the 407 Visa

To be eligible for this training visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a sponsor that is approved to sponsor for temporary activities. (This condition applies to visa subclasses for 403, 407, and 408)
  • Be nominated in one of the 3 types of occupational training streams: registration, skill improvement, or capacity building
  • For training to improve skills, the occupation must be present on the list of eligible skilled occupations
  • For capacity-building training, you must be currently enrolled in a foreign educational institution
  • You normally have to be at least 18 years old at the time of the decision on your application
  • If you’re applying from Australia, you must have a valid temporary substantive visa.
  • In case you don’t have a substantive visa, you must make your application within 28 days.
  • Subclass 403, 771, and Special Purpose visas are not considered substantive in this case.
  • You must meet the health, character, and insurance requirements
  • You need to show proof of functional English language skills

Types of 407 Visa Occupational Training

The workplace-based training you need to undergo to get your license, registration, or membership to work in that occupation.

Specifically-tailored workplace training to enhance your skills in one of the eligible occupations.

This nomination type includes 3 types of trainees. You can receive it if you’re studying abroad and need workplace-based training, or want workplace training that’s supported by the Australian government or the government of your home country, or you’re a professional or manager working in an overseas organisation.


You may be able to stay for up to 2 years. To stay longer than the granted duration, you can apply for an extension.

Yes, you can include family members in your visa application. This includes your spouse or partner, children, and dependant children of children.

It takes 22 months to process 75% of the applications. The processing times range from 71 days to 24 months.