Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa

The temporary work (short stays specialist) visa is designed for people who will be staying in Australia for a short duration and will be doing highly specialized work during that stay. This subclass 400 visa is the right choice for people with specialized skills or experience that are difficult to find in Australia.

The 400 Visa Streams

Highly Specialized Work

  • The work or activity must be short-term (non-ongoing)
  • The work must require specialized skills, knowledge, or experience
  • If you stop working for your employer, you may have to leave Australia or apply for a new visa

Australia’s Interest

  • As the name suggests, this visa is for people who must travel to Australia because of reasons connected with the national interests of the country
  • The visa recipient may be someone who is attending an event or doing some work that requires them to be in Australia

How to qualify for the 400 Visa

To qualify for a temporary specialist visa, you should have the following:

  • A skill that is generally unavailable in Australia
  • Sponsorship or invitation from the employer
  • Employment for a non-ongoing job
  • Proof that you meet health and character requirements
  • Proof that you meet or will meet any registration or licensing requirements
  • Proof that you have means to support yourself

400 visa duration and processing times

The visa is granted for up to 6 months, but you will need to provide a strong business case for a visa of more than 3 months. The specific duration of the visa will depend on your specific circumstances. You can’t apply for this temporary visa while you are in Australia

The processing times for subclass 400 visas vary with the workload of.the processing authority. According to the Department of Home Affairs, the processing times range from 4 days to 45 days, with 45 days representing the time for 90% of the applications.


The temporary visa is either single entry or multiple entry. If you have the multiple entry one, you can leave and entry enter the country as many times as you like. However, the time you spend outside the country will also be included in the total duration of the visa. If you have a single entry visa, you will need to apply for a new visa if you wish to return.

Yes, you can include family members in your application. Like yourself, the family members must meet health and character requirements. Note: you must be able to show that you and your family have enough means to support yourselves while in Australia.

The visa does not allow your family members to work or study during their stay.